Safety for
wifialarm turns your wi-fi signal
into an efficient security system, with the most
affordable price in the market.
A simple idea for a big problem
A simple idea
for a big problem
Safety is a concern of all. But the high cost of conventional security
systems means that only a small fraction of homes and small businesses
can afford them. Wi-fi signals, however, are present in the majority of small
businesses and households.
For these places,
wifialarm is a solution
that can bring safety
to a lot of people.

*In cities with over
200,000 inhabitants

How is this possible?
Wi-fi is an invisible high-frequency wave that travels through the surrounding areas, traversing
walls and other obstacles. When there is movement, however, the pattern of this
frequency changes, which Wifialarm can detect.In other words,
every router can - and will - be configured to become an efficient motion sensor.
Your wireless
router emits
wi-fi signals
The wi-fi signal
is composed
of high frequency
waves that
pass through walls
When someone goes through these waves, the pattern of the signals changes
wifialarm detects these changes and alerts you by phone
Safety in
your pocket
To ensure your peace of mind when you’re away from
home or work, wifialarm is controlled by an App.
If a potential attacker is detected,
alerts are sent to your phone immediately.
has never been
so easy
To use wifialarm you just need
a wi-fi signal and a smartphone

Place delimiters on the limits of the property
to specify wifialarm’s area of operation.

Configure the system with the App and you’re ready.
Every detail
Every detail matters
In addition to being democratic, wifialarm was created
to be user friendly. This means that every detail has
been designed to improve your peace of mind.

wifialarm is much cheaper than a conventional security
system because it was designed to take advantage
of the infrastructure that you already have at home,
without the need for any extra installations.
Average price
of installed
security system

wifialarm requires only wi-fi signal and
a smartphone to work.
However, if you wish to improve it,
you can make it with these acessories.
Signal repeaters
Signal repeaters
Place delimiters on the limits
of the property to specify
wifialarm's area of operation.
You can connect
speakers to the system
to driving away
a possible threat.
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Properties* with
security system
with wifi signal
Calibrated to ignore
small interferences
Do not worry about false alarms, wifialarm only
detects real threats, ignoring small movements,
such as dogs and cats.